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Welcome to the Taiwan Animal Rescue Network branch of Taiwan Animal SOS, a wiki-based resource for learning and sharing everything there is to know about animal rescue and welfare and networking with others to enhance our efforts and make great new friends.

The wiki is available for everyone to read. Over time, it will become an extensive resource for animal rescuers looking for advice on everything from how to catch a dog to understanding the ins and outs as well as benefits of forming your own regional rescue group or organisation.

The content will also be open to expansion as any wiki should be, with individual users allowed to edit pages in order to improve the content or add other ideas. Currently, this privilege will only be available to those individuals whom we have invited, though we hope to open it up completely once we have a sufficient base of knowledge on which to build as well as a dedicated quorum of people able to monitor the changes and watch for vandalism. Please e-mail Seán McCormack at if you are interested in helping us expand and improve our content, or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Though this wiki is specific to animal rescue in Taiwan, we intend for the content to be translated into many languages and content to be edited so as to provide helpful information pertinent to particular countries or regions.

We very much look forward to seeing this animal-rescue wiki grow and hearing from you how it has helped you help animals—or a single animal—in your area.

All the very best to you,

Dave Penfold & Seán McCormack

Founders, Taiwan Animal Rescue Network